Dual Laser Scanner (Smart Tolling)

  • Model : CLSCAN-300D


  • Key Specs

– Dual Line Scanning Technology

– Fast Scanning Speed : 300 scannings/sec

– Speed Range : 10~320km/h

– Scanning Angle : 120 degree

– Dual Ethernet Port

– Scanning Resolution : 0.9 degree

– Weather Mode : Snow, Rain

– Easy Installation & Maintenance


  • Key Features

• 120-degree wide range scanning
> Wide range scanning up to large vehicles

• 10-degree dual scanning
> Superb speed measurement, length & type verification
> Prevention of wrong detection due to slow, or stopped vehicle

• 300 times of high-speed Scanning Technology
> Accurate detection of over-speeding limousine vehicles

• Various functions
> Scanning area verification

• Status info by remote ethernet connection for convenient maintenance

• No disturbance by adjacent sensor sync.


  • Development

CLSCN-300D is developed for multiple-lane Hi-Pass (Wireless Highway Toll Fee Collection) System. It performs high speed scanning of all vehicles passing through within the range of 120 degree and collects accurate in & out data as well as vehicle profiling (vehicle type verification). CLSCN-300D measures 2 different scanning areas with certain angle to avoid any ambiguity in case of using a single scanning area. Furthermore it measures the speed of all vehicles passing through these 2 scanning areas including vehicle’s length information for various and wide range of applications. CLSCN-300D provides 300 times of high-speed scanning per second, detecting all high-speed-driving vehicles without any errors. CLSCN-300D has a built-in laser indicator with which the user can simply install it without disturbing passing vehicles. This comes from ComLASER’s exclusive laser technology for optimal maintenance and management.


  • Reference of scanned data


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  • Detailed Specifications

Scanning Line

Dual Line

Measurement range

6~20 meters

Scanning Angle

120 degree

Scanning Speed

300 times of scanning/sec

Scanning Resolution

0.9 degree

External interface

Ethernet, RS-485

Eye safety

Class 1 (IEC60825-1)

Operating Temperature

-30 ~ +50 degree

Power supply

DC 24V (4Amp)


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