• Model : CSD-200H

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  • Description

The CSD-200H has been developed based on ComLASER’s accrued experience, and it provides accurate and superior detection performance with precise optical science and high laser technology.

The CSD-200H has built-in LCD and HUD (Head-up Display) for easy user interface. High capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery has been applied for long time use as well as simple one-click battery locking & unlocking solution for faster shift changes.


  • Key Features

– Fast and Accurate Detection : within 0.25sec

– Anti-Jamming : Jamming detection

– Long battery Life : 10 hours

– One-click battery door locking & unlocking system

– Standard & Advanced Menu application

– Saving Data to Internal Memory

– Portable : 1.1kg


  • Key Functions

Mode of Specified Range Control

Exact aiming point is programmable.

Clear photo can be obtained when connecting with camera.

Mode of Automatic Detection

It can measure passing vehicles’ speed continuously.

Easy to use , Long Battery life

Bright graphic LCD and HUD make officer convenient to use under sun light.

One-click Quick-Twist battery carrier release makes battery change quicker and easier!

Mode of Jammer Detection

Vehicle mounted laser jammer can be detected.

Weather Mode

Stable detection in the bad weather condition under snow, rain, fog, etc.

Measuring Mode

Fast analysis of traffic accident by measuring distance to the accident area.


  • Detailed Specifications
Speed Accuracy +/- 2 km/h
Speed Range 320 km/h
Range Accuracy +/- 10 cm
Range Resolution 0.1m (Display)
  1 cm (Output Data)
Detection Time 0.25 second
Detection Distance 5~2,000m
Beam Divergence 2.5 mRad
Laser Wavelength 905 nm (+/- 10nm)
Eye Safety Class-1
Operating Temp -20° C to +60° C
Power Supply Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Interface Bluetooth (Optional)
Size(H x W x L) 220mm x 100mm x 160mm
Weight 1.1 kg
Enclosing IP65


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