LTS-20X (Single/Dual Beams)

  • Model : LTS-201 (Single Beam)

                  LTS-202 (Dual Beams)


  • Key Features

* Programmable measurement range and operating mode.

* Versatile, accurate, and fast operation for various vehicle detection applications.


  • Product Description

LTS-20X detects all vehicles where it’s installed with 99.9% accuracy. It provides excellent performance much better than loop type with easy installation and maintenance. LTS-20X also provides the excellent performance for any slow or fast moving vehicles, or even with bumper-to-bumper congested traffic situation. LTS-20X has a special narrow range optical filter to accept the relevant laser signals only. Despite any disturbance by snow, rain, fogs, or even insects, it performs in excellence.

 * LTS-102 device provides 2 laser beams for wider detection area.


  • Applications

Vehicle profiling, Traffic volume measurement , Smart vehicle detection, LPR Camera, Bus Lane Enforcement, Side-road violation enforcement


  • Detailed Specifications


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