IR LED Iluminators

  •  ComLASER – IR LED Illuminators series

Under ComLASER’s exclusive IR LED Illuminator development technoloies, full range of 740nm and 850 nm IR LED Illuminator products are available. Recently traditional strobe flashes are being replaced by IR LED Illuminators in ITS business field. IR LED Illuminators are also called as IR Flash, LED Flash, IR Illuminator, IR Strobe, or LED Strobe etc.)


  • Key Features

– Highly efficient LED light optical lens developed exclusively by ComLASER.

– Compact & light enclosure (cabinet) for every LED module (water-resistant)

– 30Hz, 60Hz video recording capability

– Complete heat sinking solution for extended life time

– 10 million times of flashing capability

– On-boarded CPU (SL8-20x series only) : LED status can be checked by the software (dead or live) for timely replacement and the triggered flashes are counted and recorded on the CPU automatically.


  • Wireless IR LED Illuminator


  • Customized IR LED Illuminator

We welcome your inquiries of your customized IR LED Illuminator development. Please send us your inquiry via contact page.


  • Detailed Specifications

Considering numerous types of IR LED Illuminator availability,  you may download and view some of our IR LED Illuminator product spec details from this URL link.


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