• Model : LVD-2


  • Key Features

· Programmable measurement range and operating mode.
· Versatile, accurate, and fast operation for various detection applications.


  • Product Description

The xed-type LVD-2 detects moving vehicles without physical contact by using Laser technology. It is able to measure the speed of vehicles and classify them. It outputs a trigger signal at the time a speeding vehicle passes a user programmable target area and also provides additional information such as vehicle classification and real-time distance. LVD-2 can be used for measurement of traffic volume, traffic signal control, detection of traffic signal and speeding violations, automatic self-parking systems, exit/entrance control, and others in place of loop detectors.

LVD-2 uses laser to monitor the vehicles on the road, and measures the speed of a vehicle passing through a predetermined spot by performing measurement from an accurate location.

Compared to a Loop detector that requires damaging the road during installation, LVD-2 can be easily installed without causing any damage to the road and is easy to maintain and operate.

LVD-2 offers the advantage of allowing selective enforcement when speeding enforcement standard varies according to type of vehicles. For example, it can vary speed enforcement application in accordance to small or large vehicles.

In addition, the product can be applied to various enforcement systems such as school-zone, bus-lane, the shoulder, traffic signal, company speed-limit violations and vehicle classifications.

LVD-2 displays excellent performance even in poor external conditions involving snow, rain and dust.


  • Detailed Specifications




Laser wavelength

905 nm

Eye Safety

IEC 60825-1 Class 1

Monitoring distance

18 ~ 25 Meter

Operational frequency(PRF)

1 KHz

500Hz per channel


RS-232C ,

Current Loop



Laser pointer

650 nm – Class III A

OFF during monitoring

Installation height

5 ~ 9 Meter

center position

Consumed electrical current

250mA@ 12VDC



Main body


97(W) x 94(H) x 114(D) mm

Operation temperature

-20~60 °C


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