• Model : AVS-104

World-First 4 Laser Beam Speed Enforcement Device

  • Product Description & Key Features

AVS-104 is an Advanced Vehicle Speed measurement laser equipment with the latest technology for the first time in the World. AVS-104 projects 4 laser beams on the road for wider detection and highly accurate speed measurement. The concept is that the device analyzes the time difference and distance profiling between the first and second beams, bringing the best speed measurement result. As AVS-104 also provides the detection signal without any time delay, it can be used to trigger the evidence picture taking at the right point. Furthermore AVS-104 provides excellent and steady performance by its own weather filter function. Scope device and laser pointer are provided for easy installation.

· Programmable measurement range and operating mode.
· Versatile, accurate, and fast operation for various detection applications.

  • Applications

Speed enforcement, Vehicle detection and counting,  Traffic density control, Traffic information systems

  • Detailed Specifications

Speed range

10~250 km/h

Speed accuracy

± 2 km/h

Measurement range


Measurement direction

Approaching, Departing

Beam structure

4 Beams (2,2)

Beam divergence

25mrad each

Laser wavelength


Eye safety

Class 1 ( IEC60825-1)


12V, 2.5W

Temperature range

-20 ~ 80°C


RS-232 or RS-485

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