• Model : AVD-102


  • Key Product Description & Features

Laser Vehicle Detector AVD-102 generates detection signal for all vehicles passing through the exact point where it’s installed for the purpose of photo-taking and number plates recognition. Unlike loop detector installed on the ground, it doesn’t damage any road, keeping the same or superb detection performance with easy installation & maintenance advantages. AVD-102 detects any slow or fast driving vehicles, or with damaged number plates. At night it works excellent with strobe flash together. AVD-102 is equipped with narrow range optical filter accepting the beamed laser signal only. So it doesn’t get disturbed by any sun light, or front lights of vehicles, providing excellent detection performance. Internal signal processing algorithm allows AVD-102 to detect all vehicles in spite of bad weather conditions (snow, rain, fog etc.). AVD-102 utilizes 2 laser beams to cover the wide range of detection.

* Programmable measurement range and operation mode.

* Versatile, accurate, and fast operation for various vehicle detection applications.


  • Applications

LPR Camera, Vehicle Profiling, Traffic Volume , Crime Prevention, Red light violation, Specific lane enforcement (i.e. Bus, Taxi etc.), prohibited road side driving enforcement


  • Detailed Specifications
Beam structure Dual LASER  
Measurement range 15~18 m
Detection Time 2 ms
Laser wavelength 905 nm
Eye safety Class 1 (IEC60825-1)
Weight 500g
Size 93 x 48 x 90mm
External interface RS-232 or RS-485
Power supply 12V, 250mA
Temperature range -20~60℃


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