About ComLASER

ComLASER stands out among many ITS companies as a genuine R&D and manufacturer of core traffic LASER technology, boasting extensive experience and application in the ITS market field since 2000. With a strong R&D force, ComLASER has established itself with unrivaled product quality and superb performance. The company has also provided numerous customized lidar solutions for all non-contact traffic applications, including traffic lighting solutions. Our dedicated customer support and technical assistance have solidified our position in the ITS market, attracting an increasing number of global customers seeking reliable ComLASER solutions for various traffic applications in diverse traffic environments.

ComLASER has successfully implemented over 10,000 lidar points in Korea, transitioning from the traditional contact-type loop system. These implementations have proven highly effective not only in speed enforcement but also in crime prevention, traffic data processing, vehicle detection, and a notable high-voltage power line protection project between mainland Korea and isolated islands. This project, using laser scanning technology over the sea, resulted in significant cost savings for the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). Since 2009, ComLASER has been expanding its business scope to global markets, further solidifying its presence as a leader in the industry.

ComLASER’s business history dates back to the year 2000, starting as the ITS division of Unimo Technology Co., Ltd., at a time when the ITS business was still in its early stages. In 2009, this division was spun off to form ComLASER Co., Ltd., marking the official launch of its dedicated ITS business. Below is a brief overview of the key milestones in ComLASER Co., Ltd.’s history up to the present day.

2010: Achieved China National Standard Register and executed Industrial Laser-controlled distance meter development for major steel company (POSCO) and exclusive power supply company in Korea (KEPCO).

2011: Exported traffic security LASER products to Algeria (+U$200K).

2012: Achieved Kazakhstan Vehicle Speed Laser Standard (KTL partnership).

2013: Achieved Brazilian Standard Certification (INMETRO) and nominted as promising S/M company by Gyeonggi province. Exported fixed type LASER SPEED METER to Kazakhstan (+U$ 1 Mil). Achieved ISO 9001:2008.

2014: Achieved Turkmenistan Standard Register.

2015: Exported fixed type LASER SPEED METER to Turkmenistan (+U$ 900K). Awarded for U$100 Million Export Tower by the government. Launched the sales of TPCAM PRO with DLT function (Dual Laser Technology) mobile speed enforcement products to global markets. Achieved FCC, FDA certification for portable speed gun.

2016: Exported TPCAM PRO to Iranian market (+U$ 1 Mil). Supplied TPCAM PRO to Korean police department (+U$500K).

2017: Launched Highway Smart Tolling Scanner (with dual scanning technology) and Hand-held LASER CAMERA (TPCAM H10). Participation of ROTREX Exhibition.


2018~2019: Global Business Expansion to 6 Continents including African countries.

2020: Launched Advanced Hand-held LASER SPEED CAMERA (TPCAM H20).

2021~2022: Launched AI-driven multi-lane speed enforcement camera system (MLS-A1). The full-fledged business expansion with the strategic business partner, Integra Design in India.

2023: Expanded global business over 30+ countries.

Showcased an AI-based Laser Speed Camera, TPCAM H30 product at ROTREX exhibition.

ComLASER is thriving in its Lidar-based ITS business sector and we would be glad to collaborate with your esteemed company together.

Global ITS Business Leader