ATS-CAM (prof. 5MP ITS camera + IR illuminator)


ComLASER’s exclusive ATS-CAM is a hybrid product of professional 5MP ITS Camera (Sony IMX264) and IR LED Illuminator (740nm) with built-in Intel CPU processor and 64GB eMMC* storage.

*embedded Multi-Media Card



  • Key Features

– Highly efficient Hybrid IR illuminator with built-in ITS camera developed exclusively by ComLASER.

– Multiple application with AVS-103 (for side pole installation), or with AVS-104 (for gantry installation) lidar equipment.

– 5 mega pixel global shutter camera for ITS industry (Sony IMX264 CMOS sensor applied)

– Built-in CPU (Intel Atom E3845 processor) and 64GB eMMC storage

– USB I/O availability

– 740nm IR LED strobe (illuminator)


  • Detailed Specifications
Camera Resolution 5 Mega pixel(2448×2048)
  Type Color
  Shutter Global
  Sensor Type CMOS, 2/3″ (Sony IMX264)
  IR Cut Filter Yes
Processor CPU Model Intel ATOM E3845
  CPU Type 64Bit
  CPU Core Clock 1.91GHz
  CPU L2 2MB
  DRAM 4GB DDR3L-1333
  Storage 64GB eMMC
  SD Card Slot up to 2TB
  USB Port one USB 3.0
IR Strobe Wave Length 740nm
  Operating Type Pulse, max 30pps
  Beam Angel 22°(H)x18°(V)
  Pulse Time 1ms
  Pulse Power 500W
  Power 24V, 2A


  • Main Windows – User Interface

  • Multiple-Lane Application

       ATS-CAM Speed Enforcement Demo Video (DAY TIME) with AVS-104

      ATS-CAM Speed Enforcement Demo Video (IR Strobe on) with AVS-104

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