Grupo Splice and ComLASER showcased the Strategic Business Affiliation at Intertraffic Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 23 April, 2024 – In a significant development at this year’s Intertraffic Amsterdam, Grupo Splice, a leading infrastructure company based in Brazil, and ComLASER Co., Ltd., a pioneering ITS business firm from Korea, are pleased to announce their strategic business affiliation. This collaboration marks a milestone in the global transportation and smart city solutions sectors, fostering innovations and enhanced service offerings worldwide.

The partnership was unveiled at one of the most prestigious international venues for traffic management and smart city services, Intertraffic Amsterdam, highlighting the complementary strengths of both companies. Grupo Splice, known for its robust infrastructure projects in Brazil, and ComLASER, with its cutting-edge technology in intelligent transportation systems, are set to revolutionize the market by integrating their expertise and resources.

The affiliation promises to leverage the advanced technology and market presence of ComLASER along with the extensive infrastructure experience of Grupo Splice to deliver superior products and services globally.